The Rock has created a name for himself in a multitude of fields, with his family always coming first. The WWE superstar always prioritized his loved ones in whatever he did in order to make them happy. The Rock was recently playing hide and seek with his 4-year-old daughter, Tiana Gia, and he decided to document the experience for his fans.

The Rock shared a video of himself playing with his adorable daughter on Instagram. The Rock appeared to be in a playful mood. The WWE star was asking his daughter to give him a hint, so he could find her.

The Rock added that the game had been going on for almost 35 minutes and that the father and daughter were still having fun with hide & Seek. Tiana shouted as he stated he needed another clue, and this was going on.

“I need another clue, please. Wait. Where is that coming from? Exactly. This is being going on for about 35 minutes now. I need another clue. There it is…I know where is she. I just heard that. She is right outside, she is right outside. where is she? I need another clue. Alright, that’s it, I heard that I heard it. It’s coming…I don’t know why I don’t think I can find her. Uffff…Alright, I need one more clue. That’s it. I literally just heard that. Right here, right here. It’s coming from somewhere. She is under here.”

Tiana was hiding under a couch and offering hints to her father, so he could track her down. The Rock posted the hide-and-seek video on his Instagram account, along with a long fun caption.

“I need another clue 🤣 📣

“Our Sunday Hide & Seek games can go on for easily 30+ minutes as my little 4yr old hides thinking daddy can never find her 😂😂😂”

“As insanely busy as my life has become, being pulled in incomprehensible directions — stuff like this will always be one of my most treasured lifelines to my balance, soul, mana and joy.”

“Even though daddy might be pretty good at other jobs – he clearly sucks at this game 🤣”

“#daddyknowshisrole 🙋🏽‍♂️”
“#daddysblindasabat 🦇”

The Rock’s Instagram video received a stream of responses from followers who appeared to appreciate seeing The Rock and Little angel playing together. What are your thoughts? Stay tuned to Thirsty for more information.

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