Alex Jones gained mainstream recognition for his controversial show. The defense attorney representing the conspiracy theorist in a Texas trial made global headlines for unintentionally disclosing highly confidential information to his opponents. Jones’ lawyer might have exposed himself to probable legal repercussions.

A digital copy of the Infowars founder’s phone contents was accidentally given to attorneys for the parents of a child slain in the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. According to Houston attorney Federico Andino Reynal, it included text conversations and medical information.

As the trial came to a conclusion, a parent’s attorney revealed the information in a dramatic interaction with Jones. According to Reuters, court records and attorneys after the trial say Reynal may have been subject to punishment in a different case, as well as the possibility of malpractice claims by Jones as a result of the revelation. According to Dallas attorney Randy Johnston, Jones could file a legal malpractice lawsuit against his lawyers, but he would need to demonstrate that the Texas trial would have ended differently if the phone records hadn’t been disclosed.

Reynal said that his attention was always on the jury and on putting the strongest case forward for Alex in a statement to the outlet. He claimed that his opponents may be seeking sanctions against him to achieve a tactical edge. Jones couldn’t be reached right away for comment.

In addition to the $4.1 million in compensatory damages decided the day before, an Austin jury awarded the parents $45.2 million in punitive damages against Jones for falsely calling the 2012 massacre a fabrication. Reynal’s attempt to have the phone data withheld and his plea for a mistrial due to the disclosure were both dismissed by an Austin court. Stay tuned to Thirsty for latest updates.

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