Anne Heche suffered major burns after she crashed into a home in Los Angeles. Heche was riding in the Mar Vista vicinity of L.A. when she suddenly ran into a home, which also resulted in the fire.

According to TMZ, Heche was riding a blue Mini Cooper and impacted into the garage of an apartment complex at first. The accident took place right after noon. When people at the scene tried to get her out of her car, she reversed the car and drove away. After a short while, she ran into a home.

The actress’ impact on the house resulted in a fierce fire. Heche suffered burns, as the house was also fully covered in flames. One of her pictures after the first impact shows she possibly had a bottle of alcohol in the car.

Heche was taken away for immediate medical care in an ambulance. The severity of her burns is not yet clear. The star was covered in white clothing as she was being loaded into the ambulance. However, she suddenly regained consciousness and started flailing about.

The star is currently in a hospital. She is under intubation, though word is that she will live. The doctors also can’t perform any tests to check whether she was drunk at the time, given her condition.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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