Wendy Williams has received a lot of media attention lately. The Wendy Williams Show came to an end in June 2021. However, recently, Wendy bizarrely stated during a phone call that she married an NYPD cop and now her loved ones including her family and friends are getting more and more worried about her.

According to Page Six, those who are close to Williams are concerned that she is surrounded by individuals who aren’t looking out for her best interests and that she is being allowed to rush into work and media engagements before she is completely well.

When celebrity blog Hollywood Unlocked revealed on Tuesday that Wendy had called its CEO, Jason Lee, “and shared a few updates on her life, including the exciting news about her new hubby”, they were left completely perplexed.

Lee even shared a clip of Williams saying, “I’m married,” during a phone call. While speaking with Page Six, Wendy’s brother Tommy stated that all her interviews and appearances were “really sad.”

“I’ve been with Wendy since the very beginning and she’s never talked like this, but I don’t think it’s her fault. It’s a precarious situation,”

Tommy said that when he recently spoke to his sister, she made no mention of her husband. “She wasn’t getting married last week,” he said, “I think it’s kind of crazy, and very unnerving.”

Since she took a break from her lasting and beloved eponymous show in 2021, Williams has been on a downward trajectory. It was reported that after her return was repeatedly postponed, it went off the air in June amid claims that she was having mental health issues. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates.

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Smita Singha Roy

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