Selena Gomez is a pop culture star who rose to prominence in just a few years. Gomez is well-known for her audacity and daring appearance, which she has made known to her followers. Recently, Selena Gomez stunned in a black swimsuit while relaxing on a yacht.

Selena Gomez was the epitome of summer beauty in her most recent photo. The singer posted a video of herself sunbathing on a yacht in a black one-piece bikini while lip-syncing to a humorous audio dub about talking to her. She wore her hair back and was accessorized with huge gold hoop earrings, while sporting long nails and a flattering makeup look.

“Also, what part of my face says ‘Talk to me’? None…absolutely none,” the audio recording could be heard saying as Selena tried to say it. During the video, she sprayed a substance on her face before putting on sunglasses and acting sarcastic. After she posted the video, she received a great number of encouraging comments.

“She’s finally realising she’s the SELENA GOMEZ,” one fan said in her TikTok comments, adding, “Living your best life.” A third person commented on how “happy” she appeared, and a fourth on her jewelry. Much more simply commented on how stunning she was in the video.

Before her new video, Selena Gomez made headlines for her stunning attire at a dinner with friends last week. She wore a black turtleneck dress with a slit underneath a white jacket at Nobu Malibu. She also wore black heeled ankle boots and hoop earrings, and her hair was pulled back into a high bun. Gomez completed the ensemble with spectacles, looking both sophisticated and seductive.

Selena’s appearances come after a source told Hollywood Life that she’s currently focusing on herself rather than love, especially since she just turned 30. According to the insider, Selena has discovered the value of self-love.

“She isn’t concerned about falling in love or any of that right now. She has learned to love herself and she has so many amazing people in her life who care so much about her. Selena’s milestone birthday has her really reflecting on her life. Her 20s brought her success, but it was a rollercoaster at times.”

“She feels like she is at a place in her life now that she was not at before. She has dealt with a lot and has been through so much, but this is all behind her now and 30 marks a new beginning for her. She has learned so much but is not the same girl she was just a couple of years ago.”

Selene’s personality has grown significantly, as evidenced by her back-to-back bold photo shoots. Do you agree with it? What’s your take on Selena? Stay tuned to Thirsty for more developments.

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