The Judds have been considered royalty in country music for decades. Led by their late mother Naomi, Ashley and Wynonna always do their best to carry on the family legacy. Many were shocked to learn that after Naomi Judd’s tragic passing, neither of her daughters was included in her will.

Judd’s husband Larry Strickland was instead named as the executor of her estate. Fans wondered if there might have been some sort of tension between Naomi Judd and her children. The explanation is more simple than that.

Page Six spoke to legal experts about the matter. Attorney Holly Davis said that the move seemed deliberate. Others indicated that Ashley and Wynonna’s exclusion was done to make things easier on everyone.

“It is common to name the spouse as the executor of a will. But leaving out her daughters seems pointed, like a purposeful act on Naomi’s part.”

Criminal defense attorney Jason Goldman said that Naomi Judd was likely advised to choose her spouse over the two daughters. The reason is that it would create a less contentious environment to split up her estate. When there are multiple children, wills can become a soft spot if the parties feel differently about certain language in the document.

Naomi Judd sadly died from suicide at the age of 76 in late April. The country music world was shocked as Ashley Judd and Wynonna Judd paid tribute to their legendary mother. The reason they were left out of her will has been largely speculative, but it does seem it was done purposefully.

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Michael Perry

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