Sesame Workshop, the production company that oversees the legendary children’s show, ‘Sesame Street,’ is in some hot water lately. Sesame Place issued a statement calling the alleged snubs a misunderstanding. It appears that someone at Disney World is reading the news because of the manner a costumed Woody character went out of his way to interact with Black children who were waiting along a parade route.

The adorable children were calling to a Jessie costumed mascot from the “Toy Story” franchise as the characters strolled along a street crowded. The video obtained by TMZ was shot by a delighted father who accompanied his two young children to Disney World’s Orlando theme park this week.

While her friend Woody observed several Black children and actually communicated to them, Jessie was on the opposite side of the street and appeared engaged with amusing that section of the crowd. The kids were frantically trying to gain Jessie’s attention and appeared to be huge admirers, so Woody flagged down Jessie and gestured to the kids, and they both rushed over to interact with them.

This is definitely a positive tale, but it can’t be ignored since it happened at the same time as a worrying pattern that has recently emerged, which is costumed characters at theme parks apparently purposely snubbing Black youngsters. Whether it’s Sesame Place, Disneyland, or even Chuck E. Cheese, it appears to be happening all over the country. Various erroneous videos have gone viral that purport to show venerable characters shunning or walking away from children of color.

People find it difficult to believe that most establishments have no overtly racist motives, notwithstanding their denials. Although it’s difficult to say with certainty, it’s likely that Woody had recent events in mind when he acted the way he did.

In the end, it’s an uplifting story, and just the kind of thing we needed to see today. You can check out the video below.

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