Cardi B established herself as one of the best female rappers in hip-hop industry and her music has reached people all over the globe. However, Cardi has decided to take her famous song “Cheap Ass Weave” off all streaming platforms after being criticized by UK rapper Lady Leshurr.

“Cheap Ass Weave,” a remix of Leshurr’s “Queen’s Speech 4” freestyle that was first uploaded in 2015 before her global breakthrough, has amassed over 4.5 million views on YouTube alone. August 2nd marked the seventh anniversary of Leshurr’s original song. The rapper took to Twitter to state that she wanted Cardi B to pay her for copying one of her most recognized freestyles.

“You mind asking Cardi if she can break me off a likkle change she used my beat/idea before her big break and is now a millionaire and I got paid 0.”

The Bronx bombshell responded to Leshurr’s tweet with, “I made like 2 dollars of that song ….you want the other dollar ?” However, it was clear she wasn’t in a giving mood.

MOBO Award winner Lady Leshurr, who has worked with artists like and Wiley and supported Nicki Minaj on tour, responded to Cardi’s tweet. She also claimed that years ago, she wrote the Invasion of Privacy star an unanswered DM over the song.

“would b nice but tbh I just wanted my credit & it’s mad I had to tweet banter 4 a response when I dm u years ago about it. I was cool wen I thought it was just YT cover but it’s on streaming sites as “cheap azz weave” nw & urs comes up b4 mine so yes dollar & credit pls”

Cardi B eventually gave up and promised to take “Cheap Ass Weave” off of all streaming platforms while sarcastically pledging to pay Lady Leshurr. “I don’t find the song on apple but if it’s on any streaming service I will be makin sure it’s takin down including YouTube,” she promised. “I will also make sure I send you your dollar.”

This was certainly an interesting back-and-forth on social media. Fans from all over might have chimed in, but they all enjoyed the free show.

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