Beyoncé’s new album Renaissance was highly anticipated by her admirers. She was recently chastised for using a derogatory term that has often been used to demean people with spastic cerebral palsy on the album’s song ‘Heated.’ Beyoncé’s new “Renaissance” album will receive a tweak because of that, and she dropped a sample as well. It turns out that she had a lot of help with this album.

According to The Wrap, the 104 writers list included Skrillex, Drake, Right Said Fred, Terius “The-Dream” Gesteelde-Diamant, A. G. Cook, Syd, and Leven Kali. When Diane Warren questioned why the new Beyoncé song “Alien Superstar” needed 24 songwriters, she touched a nerve and received harsh criticism from the Beyhive for what was perceived by many as a racially insensitive question.

Warren, a renowned songwriter who has previously collaborated with Beyoncé, should have known better. Some of it is addressed by the widespread use of sampling in contemporary pop music. Every songwriter of the source material receives their name along with any appropriate royalties, even if only a little portion of the song is used.

Beyoncé’s sampling pool has expanded along with her status, encompassing artists from Donna Summer to Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page and Robert Plant are credited with authoring “Lemonade,” and they surely weren’t cheap. A sampling boom, however, does not provide the full picture. Beyoncé is one of the 104 credited songwriters on “Renaissance,” which has 170 overall songwriting credits.

The average number of credited songwriters per track with 16 songs is 10.6. Comparatively, “Lemonade,” her most recent LP and 2016 tour de force, used 74 songwriters on its 12 songs, or slightly more than 6 writers per song. Returning to her 2003 debut, “Dangerously in Love,” we find 57 songwriters on 15 tracks, averaging 3.8 per song.

Beyoncé works hard on her records, but it seems that she also has a ton of people working hard for her. You can check out the tweets below.

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