Taylor Swift is an unstoppable force that keeps breaking records left and right. There is no doubt that Taylor is a chart topping artist, but now she is facing backlash for her actions against the environment. The star owns two jets, which took a whopping 170 flights in a period of 200 days so far in only 2022 alone. 

Swift’s camp released a statement to clear the “misinterpretation” of this fact. While it’s true that her jets did make the bizarre number of trips this year, her representative revealed that the jets serve other functions than just her transport. The pop star is apparently loaning her jets to other people, which is why she scored such a high score on the Private Jet CO2 emissions list. 

Recently, photos of T Swift getting off her private jet resurfaced, in which she seemingly attempted to go incognito. Daily Mail reported that paparazzi snapped the “All Too Well” singer, who is 32, hiding behind an umbrella while deplaning at the Hollywood Burbank Airport.

The photos resurfaced this week as Swift faces criticism for reportedly taking 170 flights since January, resulting in more than 800 tons of carbon emissions. The photos show Swift returning to the United States from a trip to London where she spent America’s Independence Day consoling her boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn, following the death of his great-uncle. 

In the pictures, we can only see legs in a pair of jean shorts thanks to the umbrella blocking the view. Other members of her entourage were shown departing the plane and heading towards a waiting gas guzzling SUV. You can check out the snaps below. Stay tuned to Thirsty.

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Shubham Banerjee

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