Daniel Seavey made a name for himself as a member of the boy band ‘Why Don’t We.’ Just like any other boy band, they also have a passionate fan base. One such fan decided to take things a little too far recently.

As previously reported, an obsessed fan recently broke into Daniel Seavey’s home and even slept on his bed. The woman was taken into custody and is believed to be mentally unwell. She also changed into his clothes while she was there.

According to TMZ, Daniel Seavey got a restraining order against the obsessed fan who broke into his home and slept in his bed. It was said that the woman is on the run again after being released from a 72-hour psych hold.

As revealed by his documentation, she has constantly shown up at his gym. The Court’s order requires her to remain 100 yards away from the singer. She also isn’t allowed anywhere near his house.

For the time being, the woman has not been arrested or charged, but Seavey is understandably concerned. He’s “in fear of what she may do upon release.” 

This fan has already been released, so we can only hope she stays away from him. We’ll keep you updated on this ongoing story here at Thirsty.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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