The Entertainment industry has put our minds to various beauty standards, one of which is perfect skin. The Kardashians are very much the frontrunner when it comes to beauty standards. However this time Kim Kardashian showed off the imperfections of her skin through North and her TikTok account.

The SKIMS founder posted a new clip over the weekend to the TikTok account she shares with her eldest daughter, reported The Sun. In the video, North gave her famous mom a very distinctive makeover. Here we can clearly see her bare face of Kim noticing every bit of her skin.

The beauty mogul displayed her visible pores and psoriasis in a video. At the start of the clip, Kim’s pores could be seen on her cheeks as well as pink patches on her neck from psoriasis, a skin condition that causes flaky patches of skin which can look pink or red. Then we see North giving her mother a funny makeover.

North took her time giving Kim the Minions look due to the current trend on the internet. The treatment was complete with yellow face paint, purple lips, and black lines around her eyes to resemble the characters’ famous goggles. Kim added the text ‘Mommy Minion,’ to describe the finished result.

The Kardashians alum previously revealed that North loves makeup and special FX. As a result, it’s no surprise that she has to volunteer as a model for her kid sometimes. However, North has been getting quite good at what she loves, and hence more the reason for Kim to back her up.

Through this clip, we could conclude a few things one being the beauty standards of the industry. The celebs we look up to and see on the big screen do have a plethora of imperfections and this clip sums it off. We appreciate Kim for going bare face once in a while and giving fans a glimpse of the reality behind the camera. To watch the TikTok video click here.

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