The never-ending saga between Amber Heard and Johnny Deep has continued to manifest in the media. A soap opera that may not end anytime soon.

TMZ got exclusive court documents have been unsealed, and according to multiple outlets, they contain unheard evidence that didn’t make it in front of the jury. This new info might help form new allegations about each party.

The standouts include a claim from Team Johnny that Amber allegedly worked as a stripper and escort at some point early in her career. That was information Depp’s lawyers apparently wanted to present at trial, but it was shot down.

There was mention of a reality show Amber’s sister, Whitney Henriquez, appeared on which contained what Johnny’s team to have thought was some harmful information about Amber’s past, but the judge wouldn’t let that in either. Obviously, there was a lot of mud left to sling.

Team Amber wanted to bring up a text message between Johnny and Marilyn Manson that showed him giving pointers to his pal about how to deal with an “Amber type scenario” of his own and even seeking refuge with Johnny in 2016 during Manson’s own relationship problems he was dealing with.

“I got a serious police amber type scenarios with L’s family. I’m f*cking stressing. I don’t know if you are back, but I need asylum somewhere because I think the cops might be headed my way.”

This was in reference to a woman named Lindsay, whom Manson said had pulled a stunt to Amber. Manson compared her to Heard by calling her “Amber 2.0” as he responded with support.

Heard wanted to share more evidence to prove Johnny’s ‘Pirates’ days were worse than reported, and how Disney was supposedly angry about his behavior throughout production. Heard also wanted to mention other cases he was dealing with, including his assault lawsuit, all of which were dismissed.

A deposition transcript included that didn’t make it to the trial, detailing the Australia fingertip cutting incident as told by Amber’s sister Whitney’s former boss, Jennifer Howell, an art curator, who claims her sister was responsible for the attack.

Howell was grilled in the pre-trial case and told Johnny’s attorneys that, in 2015, Whitney recalled the incident to her. Howell claimed in her deposition that Whitney was with her when Amber contacted her sister about what had happened

According to Whitney’s ex-boss, she said Amber had “done it now,” which reference crossing the line as it pertains to fights with Johnny. What Howell reportedly said to Camille Vasquez in the transcript is shocking.

 “And she goes, ‘She cut off his finger. She cut off his finger.’ And then she bolted out the door and was like, ‘I got to call somebody. I got to call somebody.'”

“It was Amber and Johnny, and she apparently had thrown a bottle and cut off his finger, is what (Henriquez) reported when she came back in from whoever she talked to outside.”

This portion of Howell’s deposition was thrown out from the trial. However, a small, limited section of it did actually get played in court, and it wasn’t the bombshell that Depp’s attorney’s wanted.

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Andre Porter

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