The Ying Yang Twins hold tremendous respect as one of the biggest rap duos in the hip-hop world. They haven’t yet released a studio album since their sixth studio album, Ying Yang Forever in 2009, but they’re still hitting the stage. The duo still gives occasional performances, and their most recent performance was at the Ozark Empire Fair. Sadly, it did not end well for them.

The Ozark Empire Fair featured the Ying Yang Twins as special guests at the concert, which was helmed by Vanilla Ice. The Twins performed for 30 minutes at the Springfield, Missouri show when suddenly D-Roc collapsed on the stage, according to a report from TMZ.

The outlet shared the footage from the show. D-Roc’s collapse made the fans anxious. Following his crash on stage, security personnel rushed to help D-Roc and check on his condition. D-Roc had to be rushed off the stage.

The rapper’s condition is still in the dark. Heat exhaustion would have been a real possibility, had the temperatures been higher than the 80-90 degree range. D-Roc was rushed to the hospital and is receiving medical care. The show still went on as scheduled, so it seems that D-Roc’s condition backstage might have relaxed the management to go.

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