The Weeknd’s fame in the music industry has reached insurmountable heights. The singer recently had to postpone his Hours Til Dawn concert in Toronto due to a nationwide internet outage. The Weeknd has now been entertaining the crowds at each stop on his After Hours Til Dawn tour by showcasing a unique talent.

Fans have been sharing videos of Abel Tesfaye performing the song “Often” from his 2015 album “Beauty Behind the Madness” while flicking his tongue suggestively. Before the artist sings the song’s first line, the tongue-flicking makes its debut during the song’s opening melodic breakdown.

“I usually love sleeping all alone / This time around, bring your friend with you / But we ain’t really gonna sleep at all.”

You can hear the audience cheering and one fan yelling, “What the f*ck?” in one video. Tesfaye’s tongue-flicking and the enthusiastic applause from the crowd are rather fitting, given that “Often” has The Weeknd requesting a woman to bring a buddy, so they can have a threesome. It seems that The Weeknd is a bit freaky and not afraid to show it.

The first show on the singer’s After Hours Til Dawn tour was postponed earlier this month owing to a widespread network failure in Canada, which gave the trip a bumpy start. Tesfaye spotted the viral photo of the youngster crying after learning about the postponement, which led The Weeknd to fly the little fan to the Philadelphia stop of the tour. Check out the videos below.

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