Kanye West has always been an enigmatic artist, and it has been tough to pin down his mental state in recent years. In 2021, a video leaked that showed Kanye yelling angrily at Chance The Rapper. Now, Chance has stated that Kanye West’s outburst against him led him to “re-evaluate” their friendship.

Chance the Rapper opened up about the leaked footage of him being berated by Kanye West. This all went down during an upcoming Morning Hustle interview. When asked about the event, Chance stated that the video did not provide “the full story.”

“It’s a clip of a larger moment, like no one’s ever gonna get the full story of what’s going on. And yeah, people do take it and run with it, ’cause I saw some people put, like, fake captions under the video to make it look like he was talking about my music or something like that. But in all honesty, this is real life. I have real friends and they go through real problems.”

The footage began to circulate in January 2021. It was rumored that it was filmed for a Donda documentary that was being created by Dame Dash. The leaked clip includes an interview portion with Dash. Then Dash claimed that it went down in Wyoming for a Donda recording session. Chance stated that he went to see Ye to check on his health, because Kanye was his friend. No matter what, he still loves West.

“I did come out there to check on my friend. Me and a lot of other people still have a love for Ye. But he’s a human, he’s not perfect. He was obviously going through it at that time … It made me re-evaluate my friendship with him, for sure. I had never been so close to him going through an episode.”

“… At the end of the day, I definitely love the dude. That’s my guy. It sucks that sometimes people can exploit a moment that is a genuine moment.”

In the initial tape, it’s impossible to tell what exactly sparked the dispute, and Chance didn’t go into depth with Morning Hustle about the catalyst. You may check out Chance’s explanation below. The full interview with Chance will premiere on the show on Monday. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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