Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson remains one of the most well-known pro wrestlers to have ever stepped foot inside the squared circle. For years, there has been much discussion about The Rock’s political ambitions and potential for the White House, but he isn’t sure if he would make a great President of the United States.

On LAD Bible’s “Agree To Disagree,” Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart discussed the likelihood that The Great One will run for office in the future. When asked why he wants Johnson to be president, Hart responded in a humorous way. Johnson continued by saying that while he could possess strong leadership skills, that doesn’t necessarily make him a good president.

Next, the two talked about another popular topic: pineapple on pizza. Johnson asserted his support for the pizza topping, but Hart expressed the same disdain with the notion. The Rock then went ahead to share a weird secret about Kevin Hart.

Rock: “What? Come on, it’s amazing.”

Hart: “It’s disgusting. No.”

Rock: “Listen, pineapple mixed with ham or mixed with bacon on pizza is f-ckin’ cool.”

Hart: “Oh my god, why don’t you just give me a bucket now so I can barf in it. [Asked what he doesn’t like about it] What do you mean, what don’t I like about it? Pineapple is a fruit. It’s a fruit that should be eaten by itself.”

Rock: “Oh I’m sorry, all of a sudden there’s rules on pizza?

Hart: “Yes. I didn’t know that you could mix pineapple with cheese and enjoy it. That’s disgusting. [asked what he likes on his pizza] How about just some cheese? Just cheese and a little tomato with the sauce. Yes, that’s it.”

Rock: “No.”

Hart: “I don’t want anything else on it.”

Rock: “It’s called a Hawaiian.

Hart: “Oh I get it. I see what’s happening. No, it’s bad.

Rock: “When you got freaky with your lady way back in the day, did you not put cheese on the nipples?”

Hart: “No, I didn’t.”

Rock: “You told me you did.”

Hart: “That was in confidence!”

The Rock might have lost some fans over this one, especially if they are die-hard against pineapples on pizza. You also can’t fault The Great One for standing by his tastes.

The Rock and Kevin Hart are two of the most loved celebrities in the world. The dynamic duo is also featured in their latest movie, DC League of Super-Pets. Check out their latest video together below.

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