Briana DeJesus joined the Teen Mom 2 cast in 2017 after she was originally on Teen Mom 3, but that spin-off was canceled and had some of its members reassigned to different shows. DeJesus is also no stranger to controversies, and she got slammed by fans once again. This time she shared a certain dream about JoJo Siwa.

Briana DeJesus came under fire after she claimed to have had an intense romantic dream involving JoJo Siwa. Given that Siwa is 19 and DeJesus is 28, fans were uneasy about DeJesus’ revelation. Similar complaints were made on Reddit.

DeJesus’ tweet garnered hundreds of likes on Twitter. She said, “I had a dream I was in a relationship with Jojo Siwa 😂 she’s been looking fine asf lately lol 😂 the dream was intense.”

The top comments under a post about DeJesus’ tweet, “No this feels really gross. We saw her grow up from a child on tv and even though she’s 19, she’s still considered a kid to me. And I’m same age as Briana. 🥴.”

One Redditor wrote: “9 TEEN, is still a teenager, hence the teen part. This is just gross. If this were a 30-year-old man saying this about a 19-year-old girl, the defending comments would be nonexistent.”

Another chimed in saying: “Maybe it’s because I watched dance moms but JoJo is still 11 in my mind. Ew, Bri.”

Siwa recently got into a feud with Candace Cameron Bure after the latter was referred to as the “rudest” celebrity in a TikTok video on July 26. Siwa revealed that at a “Fuller House” premiere when she was 11 years old, Cameron Bure declined to take a photo with her. Check out the tweet below.

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