Kylie Jenner is no stranger when it comes to being critiqued for everything she does. This time she served her fans up something fresh. The reality star is now being slammed for new hairstyle.

According to The Sun, this all started after Kylie posted an Instagram photo showing off cornrow-type braids. The reality star was trying to advertise her lip gloss while she rocked her new hairdo. However, fans were not too pleased and made it clear with their comments.

“Awful picture,” one follower stated bluntly. Another fan chimed in by saying, “Bad angle to show a lip color, lol.” Although, the reality looked gorgeous in her pink frilly top it seems fans were definitely not here for her hairstyle.

A third fan went as far as bashing her company by saying, “Same sh*t, different packaging.” Most fans were very upset with her choice, and we seem to understand why.

Kylie isn’t the first sister to be slammed for her hairstyle choice. Previously, Khloé was accused of cultural appropriation after a video resurfaced of her sporting her hair in tight braids. Many fans are critical of the Kardashians for several reasons. Only time will tell what they choose to pick apart next. Keep checking back with Thirsty for more!

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