Update: We have been told that Kylie was getting close with her makeup artist. It seems like it was all in good fun.

Original: Kylie Jenner has been receiving a lot of flack from fans. This time for grinding on a man who is not Travis Scott. The reality star took her fans by surprise and now they have a lot to say about it.

According to The Sun, Kylie recently posted a steamy TikTok video in her black catsuit. In the clip, the reality star was seen grinding on a man who did not appear to be her baby daddy. The makeup mogul looked stunning while she showed off her curves in the video.

However, the fans were not too happy with Kylie. They immediately jumped into the comment section of the video to inquire about the man. “That doesn’t look like Travis who’s that lmao,” one user commented.

Another fan added by saying, “Not me thinking that was Travis for a split second.” “Travis can’t let this slide,” wrote a third fan. While it’s unclear who the person is that Kylie’s on top of, they appear to have long acrylic nails on their fingers.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott welcomed their second child earlier this year. This time the wedding bells might be ringing as Kylie previously posted a TikTok video where she had a ring on her finger.

You can check out the video at this link to see it for yourself.

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