Rick Ross is known for sharing everything about his personal life with fans. He frequently does this on social media. He recently showcased his impressive automobile collection. Throughout his career, the rapper has collaborated with several artists, but he has never been in legal problems with any of them. In a recent interview, he explained the reason behind it.

Ross recently appeared on Beyond The Chair podcast, where he discussed the time when was just a young artist. The rapper said he was never robbed and nobody could take advantage of him in the music business.

You gotta realize when you a young artist I’m sure after you become successful whatever you look back on you will consider it a bad contract. Have I ever been taken advantage of? No. Have I ever been robbed? No. Have I ever had to sue someone I was in business with musically? No.

Rozay said it was due to the way he ‘moved.’ He stated that he always had open discussions with the people he collaborated with. This, according to the rapper, is what has allowed him to enjoy a successful career free of legal squabbles.

It was just the way I moved I guess. Whoever I was in the contract with we always had an open phone conversation, so if there was anything that was a problem I presented it and just explain it to me. If it’s respectable I’m gonna respect it because I always felt like any contract I signed whatever couple years it was I could work myself out of this.

Elsewhere in the interview, the rapper shared details about his bedroom preferences. Some fans might not find this cool, but Rick Ross doesn’t care about that. You can watch the rest of the interview below.

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