On April 25th, 2021, ex-NFL player Kevin Ware and his girlfriend Taylor Pomaski hosted a party in a house in northwest Harris County. The 29-year-old Pomaski vanished after the gathering. Now, Kevin Ware has been accused and arrested for the murder of Taylor Pomaski.

According to CBS News, the 41-year-old former professional sports star was reportedly indicted on July 28 “on murder and tampering charges.”   The latter is related to “tampering with evidence, specifically a corpse,” according to the prosecution.

Investigators have accused Taylor Pomaski’s boyfriend of her murder because they are confident that they know what happened to her. 29-year-old Pomaski allegedly had a party in her house in a Houston suburb last year, after which she vanished.

Before Taylor’s remains were discovered in Harris County in December 2021, she was listed as missing for around seven months. The identity of Pomaski’s remains wasn’t established until May of this year.

Days before Pomaski vanished, her boyfriend, former NFL player Kevin Ware, was reportedly detained on suspicion of possessing both a firearm and a dangerous substance. He allegedly posted bond and was let go.

According to reports, Ware has been detained and is currently held in custody on the murder and possession-related allegations. The prosecutor for Haris County, Lacy Johnson, allegedly praised everyone’s efforts to record the pieces of evidence to support his claims afterward.

“We appreciate everyone who has come forward to provide evidence and aid in our investigation. Although this investigation has been going on since Taylor’s disappearance in 2021, the court process is just beginning, and we encourage anyone who has knowledge about what happened between Kevin and Taylor to come forward.”

The trial has begun, but it has not yet been established that the sports star murdered his girlfriend or is otherwise responsible. Let’s see if any new evidence or witnesses come forward. What do you think about this murder? Let us know in the comments. Keep checking Thirsty for more updates.

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