United States Champion Bobby Lashley had been on a tear over the last couple of years. The Almighty utilized his MMA background to overwhelm his opponents in the ring, allowing him to climb the WWE ranks and become WWE Champion. A new report suggests that Lashley was even close to going against legendary boxer Mike Tyson.

Fightful’s Sean Sapp reported behind his paywall that there were talks of The Almighty crossing over to the world of boxing and having a showdown with Tyson at Madison Square Garden. Lashley told the outlet that a “bare knuckle company rep” approached Lashley about the idea and that he still wants to do it.

Lashley also claimed that he was approached “by a bare knuckle boxing company rep” about the possibility of whether or not he would consider boxing Mike Tyson. Lashley says it was a feeling out process, and that he’d love to do it, as it’d be an honor to compete against him. Per Lashley, the rep mentioned the possibility of Madison Square Garden as a venue.

The Almighty also mentioned speaking to Vince McMahon after Money in the Bank about fighting in the UFC. However, McMahon shot the idea down, and Lashley would go on to continue his feud with Theory. The two are set for a United States Championship rematch tomorrow night at SummerSlam. Only time will tell what is next for Lashley as Triple H took control of the company’s creative direction.

What do you make of a potential Bobby Lashley vs. Mike Tyson matchup at Madison Square Garden? Sound off in the comments section below.

Joshua Jones

Joshua Jones is a writer for both Thirsty for News and Ringside News. He's been a wrestling fan since 2004 and has always tuned into Monday Night Raw.

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