Britney Spears was undoubtedly the most well-known pop singer at one point in her career. Spears produced several hits, earning her countless followers all around the world. The singer of “Toxic” was also involved in a long court battle with her father, and that incident is still widely publicized. However, it appears like now she’s really savoring her independence.

On July 28th, Britney Spears bought herself a cocktail at an unnamed bar, which was the first time she had done so since her conservatorship was established in 2008. “This is my first time at a bar, first time,” the pop icon said in her Instagram Story.

“I feel so fancy and I feel so sophisticated.”

Britney posed with a blond-haired friend as she showed viewers a peek at the busy bar. She also added a text to the video while wearing an orange tank top and a choker necklace with a blue bottle cap pendant.

“So glad they took my rights way for 13 years to have a cocktail. I’m so grateful yall !!!”

Britney was freed from her lengthy conservatorship in November 2021 after delivering arduous testimony about the mistreatment she received from her team, which was managed by her father Jamie Spears.

Just days before she paid her first bar visit in more than a decade, it was revealed that Britney is creating new music for the first time since the release of her 2016 album, Glory. Britney’s first song following the conservatorship is likely to be a remix of “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John. Stay tuned to Thirsty to get the latest updates.

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