Sydney Sweeney has become one of the hottest young actresses in Hollywood. After roles in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ and ‘Euphoria’ launched her into superstardom, Sydney has established herself as a bona fide big name. Despite her success in various roles, Sweeney is often remembered for something else.

Sweeney is known for her frequent nude scenes. She’s appeared without clothes in ‘The Voyeurs’ and the hit HBO series ‘Euphoria.’ It can be easy to forget that there is an actress behind those characters, though.

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Sydney Sweeney talked about balancing expectations with her personal life. She said that many people think of her as a sex symbol and that she is one-dimensional. Despite that, Sydney won’t stop doing nude scenes.

“People forget that I’m playing a character, they think, ‘Oh, she gets naked onscreen, she’s a sex symbol. And I can’t get past that. I have no problems with those scenes, and I won’t stop doing them, but I wish there was an easier way to have an open conversation about what we’re assuming about actors in the industry.”

In response to the criticism about her skin scenes, Sydney Sweeney has launched Fifty-Fifty Films. She is hoping to take charge of her own career. Sydney hopes that by producing her own work, she can better control the narrative.

Sydney Sweeney will return to Euphoria for the upcoming third season. HBO recently announced they were renewing the popular yet controversial series. Sydney isn’t planning on pulling any punches when it comes to risque content, but she wants fans to know there’s more to her than just that.

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Michael Perry

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