Stan Lee is a comic book legend who is responsible for the Marvel universe and its development into multimedia. Lee died in 2018 at the age of 95. It turns out that his inner circle has been committing elder abuse, which Lee himself was a victim of. However, the messy situation is now one step closer to being resolved.

Lee’s then business manager Keya Morgan and Jerardo “Jerry” Olivarez are among several others who tried to isolate him from his trusted friends and associates. This was done following his wife’s death to obtain access to the comic book legend’s wealth.

Stan Lee filed a lawsuit against Olivarez and Litvak in 2018, accusing them “unscrupulous businesspeople, sycophants, and opportunists” who sought to exploit him following the loss of his wife, Joan Lee.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lee’s estate filed a motion to dismiss allegations against Olivarez on Monday. The deal’s terms were not disclosed. The settlement excludes claims against Lee’s former lawyer, Uvi Litvak. Olivarez’s attorney said in a statement on Wednesday that his client was unfairly maligned in the dispute.

Jerry Olivarez and JC Lee, Stan and Joan Lee’s only daughter and Trustee of the Lee Family Trust, are happy to announce the resolution of their Court dispute.

The genesis of this dispute was the unfortunate manipulation of Stan Lee and his family undertaken by certain individuals — not named in the lawsuit — which was intended to unfairly malign Jerry Olivarez. These individuals exerted undue influence on the Lee family to accuse Jerry Olivarez of harmful acts which he did not do

Prior to his death, Lee claimed Olivarez duped him into lending $300,000 to a merchandising company posing as a nonprofit organization dedicated to racial peace, buying a $850,000 condo with his money, removing nearly $1.4 million from his accounts through a series of wire transfers, and changing his will. Among other things, he claimed fraud, financial exploitation of an elder, and misuse of name and likeness. Los Angeles prosecutors are still pursuing a case against Lee’s other ex-business manager, Keya Morgan.

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