Megan Thee Stallion is currently one of the sought-after female rappers in the world right now. Recently, the Houston rapper found herself in some legal trouble after being served with a copyright infringement lawsuit. In addition to Megan, Big Sean has also been sued over an alleged copyright infringement on their song ‘Go Crazy’.

Detroit artists Duawn “Go Hard Major” Payne and Harrell “H Matic” James claim that the song from Megan Thee Stallion’s 2020 album ‘Good News’ infringes on their 2012 song ‘Krazy.’ In legal documents reported by Pitchfork, the lawsuit claims that the title, chorus, wording, timing, melodic sequence, harmonic sequence, tonal sequence, use of reverb, and use of cadence in the Megan and Big Sean song are “nearly identical” to their song.

The lawsuit also alleges, “An average lay observer would recognise the Infringing Work as having been appropriated from the Copyrighted Work because of the striking similarity between the two compositions and the way in which they are performed…Indeed, the Infringing Work is so strikingly similar to the Copyrighted Work as to preclude the possibility of independent creation.” Payne and James also claim that Big Sean frequented venues where the song was performed.

The lawsuit also alleges that Big Sean and Megan Thee Stallion were sent a cease and desist letter that “in good faith, sought to amicably resolve the issue.” The court documents also state, “Since being placed on notice of their infringing conduct, Defendants have continued their willful and reckless disregard of the exclusive copyrights belonging to Plaintiffs, forcing Plaintiffs to initiate this lawsuit.”

Go Hard Major and H-Matic are seeking unspecified damages for copyright infringement. Stay tuned to Thirsty for further updates. Meanwhile. you can check out Megan & Big Sean’s ‘Go Crazy’ below.

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