Chris Rock and Kevin Hart recently gave a sold-out performance at Madison Square Garden in New York City. They were accompanied by special guest and fellow comic veteran Dave Chappelle. Following another performance at the Barclays Center as part of his “Only Headliners Allowed” comedy tour with Chris Rock, Kevin Hart was feeling kind.

Julio, a local “famous homeless” man received $500 from the famous comedian on his way into Herald’s Square jiggle joint Sapphire 39. It seems that Julio isn’t your typical panhandler. He reportedly performs his own outside stand-up routine for a living.

According to a Page Six insider, “He was telling jokes while Kevin was walking,” and said that he liked the act enough to give the money. Hart and his wife Eniko arrived together, and according to reports, Hart was in a great mood, snapping pictures and talking it up with everyone.

Despite spending time with Lake Bell, Hart’s comedic sidekick Rock did not arrive at the club. Hart, though, was supported by a host of other well-known individuals. He partied inside with Young MC, Maino, and rapper Fabolous, who sang his 1989 hit song “Bust A Move.”

However, his kindness didn’t end with Julio. According to reports, Hart brought his personal bottle of Gran Coramino tequila to the party and even gave away free bottles to guests at other tables. The informant added that the comedian “spent over $10,000 throwing singles into the crowd and tipping the dancers.” Hart, of course, shut the place down. Hart and his team didn’t leave the strip club until after 4 AM. Check out the pictures below.

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