Drake is one of the outrageously wealthy stars who are drawing a lot of criticism this week for leading luxurious but extremely unsustainable private jet lives. He got dragged over wasteful lifestyle for 14-minute private jet flight. Drake has now responded to the heat.

According to Celebrity Jets, Drizzy’s 767 Boeing “Air Drake” recently touched down in Hamilton from Toronto, after a brief 14-minute flight. Four tons of CO2 emissions were produced during that 61-kilometer journey from Toronto, and the cost of the jet fuel was over $3,000. Drizzy has composed a message on Instagram in response to the numerous complaints and charges levelled against him.

This is just them moving planes to whatever airport they are being stored at, for anyone who was interested in the logistics. Nobody takes that flight.

It’s crucial to remember that a 767 is a huge aircraft with a 206-ton cargo capacity. 155 tons of CO2 emissions and approximately $100,000 worth of gasoline were used during that eight-hour voyage from southern France. Given that the average worldwide carbon footprint is roughly four tons, Drake’s flight of 15 minutes is comparable to an ordinary person’s annual personal emissions.

Private aircrafts are massive emitters of CO2 into the atmosphere. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Floyd Mayweather recently got slammed for the same. It’s more reprehensible when celebrities use them for minute distances that could have been travelled by bus, train, vehicle, or even a taxi, maybe. Check out Drake’s post below.

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