Coi LeRay has rapidly risen in the industry over the past few years because of her popularity. Every action LeRay does elicits a response from both lovers and haters. Recently, Coi LeRay’s bathtub incident gained so much attention that Coi LeRay felt the need to respond.

Leray was visibly intoxicated in a video of her sleeping soundly in a bathtub while her companion attempted to wake her up which immediately went viral online. People chimed in with their opinions on safety and expressed concern for Coi Leray’s well-being as they discussed this clip.

LeRay, who appreciated others watching out for her, laughed about her drunken bathtub incident and cautioned against mixing alcoholic beverages. The rapper replied in a video about her weird bathtub incident.

“I guarantee you gon’ be in the tub just like I was! Just a side note, when you’re super drunk, right, and you’re lit, my advice for you is to take a bath. My clothes didn’t come off because these b*tches was in the bathroom with me. My mom is here, too! You gotta see the whole video!”

LeRay stated that she was relaxing in the tub and didn’t want to get out. She advised the public to “chill,” and she continued her advice in The Shade Room’s comment area.

“Okay first of alllll!!! Lmaooooo there’s other videos before thissssssss lmaooo y’all alll crazy!!! And seconddddd WE GET LITTTTTT [crying laughing emoji][fire emoji] and 3rd I always get in the tub when I’m drunk lmaoo y’all leave me alone.”

The bathtub controversy has generated a ton of comments on the internet, some of which have kind words and others that are mocking. Coi LeRay responded to it in a very sarcastic manner. What’s your take on this video? Keep checking Thirsty for more updates.

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