Rolling Loud Miami was unquestionably the largest hip-hop event of the weekend, with Kid Cudi ending his set early because of disrespectful fans and Ye actually showing up to the festival after deciding not to perform as the headliner. Of all the performers, Saweetie was the one who was able to garner media attention thanks to her performance of the hot, unreleased song “DONT SAY NOTHIN.”

Fans at first noted that Saweetie’s new song’s “Don’t you tell nobody we f-cking/Shut yo mouth n*****, don’t say nothing” hook is quite similar to Monaleo’s popular 2021 song “We Not Humpin.” However, as more people have begun to analyze Saweetie’s Rolling Loud performance’s lyrics, many have discovered that the song may actually be a response to all of the Lil Baby romance allegations that started circling in the latter part of last year.

In the song, Saweetie appears to refer to the rapper from Quebec as “a groupie” and appears to address the reports that he took her on a $100k shopping spree by referring to it as “light.” The video’s quality however makes it tough to hear every word she says during the performance.

Why n—-s always speaking on who I’m f-cking on/
He must have got excited when I FaceTimed him with nothing on/
Same h-es that’s talking be the same ones I nutted on/
100k? You know much paper I be touching on?/
That’s light, baby check my net worth.
He got mad and told my business to the blogs?
N—- pause, I’m appalled, N—- chill out/
Yeah I pull up and I bust and I peel out/
Said he was a boss, but he talking like a groupie/
I knew he wasn’t ready for this pretty b-tch c–chie.

Last year, Lil Baby and Saweetie were seen together shopping at Chanel. Since then the rumors about their romantic life are circulating on social media. Saweetie however revealed that the relationship might not work in long run. Hear out the entire clip below.

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