Brittany Renner is an Instagram model and former Jackson State soccer star. She is no stranger to controversy, and she wants to set the record straight whenever possible. Renner recently lost her calm at Rolling Loud during an ugly confrontation with a fan.

The Shade Room recently shared a clip from Rolling Loud where Brittany Renner can be seen arguing with a fan. Just moments later, Brittany lost her temper and threw water at the fan. The fan was however ready with his own bottle of water, and he did not fail to do the same.

#PressPlay: Oop! #BrittanyRenner got into a lil’ back-and-forth at Rolling Loud and security got real active, real quick! 👀 (🎥: @jadentoorare)

*** The Shade Room, LLC. does not support or condone bullying and/or violence in any form. ***

The security at Rolling Loud quickly got active after the little back-and-forth. Brittany tried to flee after her cheap water throwing move, but she got wet in the action. In any case, she fled the scene and security started to trash the person.

The social media influencer Brittany Renner recently came forth with some disturbing details about her life after splitting with her ex-boyfriend – NBA’s PJ Washington. The couple parted ways earlier this year, just weeks after welcoming their first child together. Check out her latest altercation below.

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