Britney Spears has been living her life the right way ever since her 13-year-long conservatorship has come to an end. Britney Spears previously claimed that her sister Jamie Lynn was meeting with their father while the rest of the world was under lockdown at COVID. However, it was recently revealed that is not the case at all.

According to TMZ, sources close to Jamie Lynn told that she wasn’t out and about in 2020 with her father. Rather, she was stuck at home like everyone else. These sources assert that Jamie Lynn thinks Britney misrepresented the facts, and that the evidence is indisputable.

Britney recently posted a picture of Jamie Lynn with their dad to serve as proof of their frequent pandemic meetings, along with a lengthy caption. However, the photo in question was really taken in 2019 before the lockdown, according to sources. Jamie had recently returned to work after giving birth to her second daughter, Ivey, the year before when the photo was taken.

She had initial meetings with a few streaming services, and Jamie dropped her off on the way to the airport. Jamie Lynn is perplexed as to how her big sister forgot that he didn’t accompany her to the meeting and that the photo was shot when she was sleeping in Britney’s guest room throughout the trip. Since this is a blatant falsehood intended to make her appear bad, Jamie wishes Britney would exclude her from future posts.

Brit later deleted the entire post. Britney also made fun of the new house her sister is constructing in Louisiana. It shouldn’t in the least enrage her sister because Jamie Lynn and her husband reportedly worked very hard to make it a reality and used their own money to develop it.

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