Rage Against the Machine finally kicked off their much anticipated and COVID-delayed reunion tour. However, everything didn’t seem to go as planned when their lead vocalist Zack de la Rocha injured his leg during one performance. Apparently, another unplanned incident occurred when their guitarist got tackled during a Toronto concert.

The incident recently occurred in Toronto while Rage was performing its final song, “Killing in the Name.” Rage Against the Machine’s bodyguards seem to be working extra hard. An eagle-eyed hired muscle tackled a fan who rushed the stage, and one of the band members got tackled as well.

A fan wearing a red shirt rushed the stage’s front before being stopped by security and thrown into the audience. Guitarist Tom Morello was the collateral damage. He was knocked to the ground by security after making contact with them, and because he was so close to the edge of the stage, he fell off.

Everyone was anxiously waiting to see if Tom was okay. After a dramatic pause, he stood up and waved to the cheering throng. Security did its job and did it well, that much is true.

As it happened so quickly, there was no time for accuracy. It’s amusing in a way. Dave Chappelle joked that the Hollywood Bowl security may have been wearing street shoes when he was recently attacked at Madison Square Garden. So far, the tour has not been easy. Check out the posts below.

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