Muhammed Ali is regarded as the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time. It should come as no surprise that memorabilia associated with legends are constantly traded for large sums of money. The value of those items soar to new heights when the stars are no longer with us.

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay recently shelled out millions for an extremely rare item. According to Heritage Auctions, Irsay purchased Ali’s WBC title belt, which he won against George Foreman in the 1974 “Rumble in the Jungle” in Zaire. It cost him $6.18 million in an auction that went all night and didn’t end until 4 a.m. Irsay then took to Twitter to express how proud he is about the purchase.

BREAKING—-Muhammad Ali’s championship belt from 1974 ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ just added to @IrsayCollection Just in time for the Aug. 2 show at Chicago’s Navy Pier (and Sept. 9 at Indy). Proud to be the steward!

The belt was auctioned for $358,500 in 2016 and again a year later for $120,000. According to Heritage Auctions, it is one of two Ali WBC belts. The other is part of a museum collection that will not be auctioned.

Irsay also owns two other Ali’s two other items, one being the legends sneakers from the 1975 “Thrilla in Manila,” his legendary victory over Joe Frazier. The other is the robe Ali wore in his first bout after changing his name from Cassius Clay.

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