The hit reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills included Lisa Vanderpump as one of the major characters. Lisa was on the show for nine seasons until leaving in 2019. Fans of RHOBH miss Lisa Vanderpump, but the original cast member thinks the show is “too mean spirited.” She might be correct, given the continuous conflict between the housewives.

Lisa Vanderpump’s supporters are asking for her return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa has been a mainstay on RHOBH since season 1, and her fans adore her cheeky British humor and clever one-liners. Despite being one of the richest women in the nation, the owner of SUR was down to earth and a strong supporter of numerous charitable organizations.

In order to help animals in need, Lisa founded the Vanderpump Dogs rescue organization. It was revealed during RHOBH season 9 that Dorit Kemsley had adopted a puppy from Lisa’s rescue organization named Lucy Lucy Apple Juice, but had given her away due to aggression issues. Despite ending up at a kill shelter, the dog’s chip allowed Vanderpump Dogs to be identified.

Lisa wasn’t the one who brought up Dorit’s faux-paw on RHOBH, but it quickly turned into a debate over who was trying to discredit the Beverly Beach designer. Despite Lisa’s denials, she was charged with leaking the information to the media, and the RHOBH cast, including her best friend Kyle Richards, turned on her. Lisa departed RHOBH mid-season after the “puppygate” controversy and declined to go to the reunion.

A lot of RHOBH viewers, including Lisa, thought the group was out to get her, especially after they disregarded her assertions that she didn’t sell the puppygate narrative. The Vanderpump Rules star’s final straw was Kyle labelling her a liar, and she has since been outspoken about her desire to leave the series. Despite no longer being a cast member, Lisa became involved in RHOBH drama once more when she voiced her viewpoint over the conflict between Erika Jayne and Garcelle Beauvais.

Erika shared a video of Garcelle’s latest book, Love Me As I Am, being thrown out a few months ago. Lisa argued in favor of Garcelle, claiming that it was cruel, and she made light that perhaps Erika didn’t comprehend the book. RHOBH’s early seasons, when it felt more natural and enjoyable, are sorely missed by fans. The ladies eventually patched things up, despite the fact that there was still a lot of bickering among them.

The recent seasons, according to some fans, seem to be more about tearing one other down. Denise Richards was practically run off the show in season 10 due to Lisa Rinna’s decision to not bring her back. Fans may miss LVP, but many believe it was shrewd of her to steer clear of the drama on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Check out Lisa’s latest tweet below.

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