Vince McMahon announced his retirement from WWE amid an ongoing hush money investigation. McMahon has been in charge of the company for decades, and he has put his entire life into building the brand. Many believe that McMahon was forced out by the board of directors and that his retirement was a way to give him a soft landing.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed McMahon’s retirement. He noted that the only way Vince McMahon would ever walk away from the company he built is if he believed it was the best thing for WWE. While there was likely pressure on Vince to step down, ultimately, the decision was made because it was best for business.

“It’s called a retirement. Obviously, in some way, shape, or form, he [Vince McMahon] was forced out. You know, it’s so stunning to see it happen. You know why, but there must be something even more than what we’ve heard for it to happen, because that last round in and of itself, there wasn’t so much that was forcing him out that we could see. The stock price didn’t collapse or anything like that.

So, there must be something, whether it’s, again, whether it’s stuff they know is happening… Whatever it is, they felt that it was time to make the move and the one thing I always thought with Vince was like people think that Vince would want to kill it on the way out. I know he wouldn’t. The only thing that was going to get Vince out is something that he believed that he had to do it for the good of the company and I think that that, in the end, was the situation here for whatever reason.

Again, there is nothing that has broken yet that has caused this great grief that we know of. We have not heard of sponsors fleeing. We have not heard of pressure from NBCU or Fox. There might have been something behind the scenes, but that will all come out at some point if that’s the case. Or, it could be, again, that there is more and patterns and everything. There was a lot there.”

There could be more news coming about Vince McMahon that the public is not yet aware of. It would make a lot more sense if he walked away knowing that. There are still a lot of moving parts to this story, so it will be very interesting to see how the whole picture looks once everything has settled.

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Transcription by Thirsty for News

Michael Perry

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