Saweetie is an incredible performer, to the point that everything she does makes a lot of waves. The star recently threw the first pitch at an L.A. Dodgers game. The interesting thing was that she delivered the pitch while having huge nails on her hands. She also found herself in quite a situation at Rolling Loud.

Saweetie made a lot of noise on social media recently after a TikTok revealed that she tried to shoot her shot on one of her fans during Rollins Loud Miami. During her concert, the fan was in the front row. Suddenly, Saweetie sat down and addressed the fan.

Fans went crazy after seeing Saweetie sitting down on the stage and casually calling up the fan. They made a lot of noise, and much of the interaction was unintelligible. However, fans pushed the fan up front and started cheering for the two.

Twitter also caught wind of the video, and the reactions are fans saying that it should have been them instead. Others fans talked about how if it were them, they would have stormed the stage. Saweetie is insanely stunning, which is a lethal combination when combined with her chart-topping skills.

The artist also recently launched financial literary classes for underserved youngsters via the Icy Baby Foundation. She also posted about missing her boo on Instagram, but it seems she found a candidate to move on with.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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