Kevin Hart is regarded as one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actors, but he, like hundreds of other celebrities, was once hunting for significant roles that would drive his career forward. He still remembers how he once lost a role to Bow Wow.

Years ago, Kevin Hart and other actors were vying for opportunities to star in Entourage, the popular HBO series that went on for eight seasons and dominated the screens.

Peacock aired a portion of an episode of Kevin Hart’s Hart to Heart show with guest Mark Wahlberg on Thursday, July 21. During the show, the two stars discussed the iconic HBO television show Entourage, which Wahlberg executive produced and is partially based on his life.

According to Hart, he auditioned for a job on the program before going to Bow Wow. Kevin recalls being pleased about the job after learning he had been chosen for an audition.

Kevin said, “My manager calls me, ‘Hey, they got a part. The part is gonna run over about three episodes. They wanna see you. I walk in the room. Bow Wow is in the room. F*ck is Bow Wow doing here? I’ll never forget it, I walk in the room, Bow Wow had on a big jersey and a du-rag. F*ck is Bow Wow doing in here?”

They both auditioned for the same part, with Kevin claiming that he nailed his audition. After seeing Bow on the show, he subsequently found that the part had gone to the “Puppy Love” rapper.

“I just remember watching Entourage and seeing Bow Wow do the scene,” Kevin recalled of the moment he found out he didn’t get the job. “I was like, I lost a part to f*cking Bow Wow. You know, Bow Wow is a very talented guy. But at the time, it hurt me.”

“I say that to say, at the time, the things you think matter the most, end up being the gift and the curse,” Hart added. “Shout out to Bow Wow because he obviously killed it. And when I watched it, he was very good at the part.”

It turns out, Bow Wow had no idea that Kevin Hart was auditioning for the same role. He also posted the video of Kevin Hart explaining this story on Instagram. He wrote, “I never knew this brother.”

Bow Wow portrayed Charlie Williams on Entourage for five episodes, representing a stand-up comedian-actor trying to get into the industry. 

Watch this video of Kevin Hart addressing the story and stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates!

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