Maya Hawke is the daughter of Hollywood heavyweights Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. She is an actress and model who is best known for her role in the Netflix hit ‘Stranger Things.’ Hawke recently revealed that she drew huge inspiration from Taylor Swift’s “Folklore.”

Hawke recently appeared for an interview with Kyle Meredith. She discussed her upcoming sophomore album, Moss, on which she explores her search for her own identity while drawing inspiration from Taylor Swift. The young actress-musician found revolt and curiosity on her sophomore album, Moss.

I was super inspired by folklore, to which, like, I started wanting to work with Jonathan Lowe, who mixed folklore. What’s so amazing about [folklore] … was kind of that combination of it being both motivating and moving forward without it being, like, the way some pop music — that I love — wakes you up from your nap when it comes up in the playlist.

The actor and musician also talked about letting go of her old self as she came to terms with her confidence, curiosity, and defiance in the lyrics. Hawke also discusses how “Thérèse” highlights the negative effects of the male gaze on young women. Hawke also delves into the meaning of the Moss artwork and the incredibly genuine images that served as the basis for the “Thérèse” narrative.

She drew comparisons between her true personality and Robin Buckley, the character she plays on Stranger Things, in other places, notably when it comes to musical preferences. The figure, according to her, “is like a cartoon version of me. She would like Phoebe Bridgers.” Check out her entire interview below.

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