Millie Bobby Brown has been in the spotlight since she was a child. The English actress rose to prominence for her role as Eleven on the hit Netflix series ‘Stranger Things.’ She is now all set to create history for receiving the highest upfront salary for an actor under 20.

According to reports, Millie Bobby Brown will receive an incredible sum from Netflix in order to reprise her Enola Holmes role. In 2020, the 18-year-old actor, who was propelled to fame by the smash supernatural television series Stranger Things, first played Sherlock Holmes’ sister. While Brown received a large salary for her work as Eleven in Stranger Things, the teen’s anticipated pay-check for the Enola Holmes sequel is believed to set a record.

Variety recently reported that Brown will be paid $10 million for Enola Holmes 2. If the actor receives that sum, it will be the highest upfront payment ever made to an actor under the age of 20. One of the Stranger Things actor’s followers on Twitter praised the amount: “As she should. She deserves it.”

Netflix announced in May that a sequel to the 2020 movie would be released. Along with Brown repeating her part, Sherlock and Mycroft, Enola’s older brothers, will also be played by Henry Cavill and Sam Claflin. Louis Partridge will return as fellow runaway Tewkesbury, while Helena Bonham Carter will play Enola’s mother Eudoria Holmes, according to IMDb.

The pay-check would more than treble Brown’s claimed net worth of $10 million. Brown received a substantial $20,000 per episode pay-check for Stranger Things’ first season. Her pay rose as a result of the show’s success. For season three, she received an estimated $300,000 each episode. Keep an eye on Thirsty for more such news.

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