Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal’s MMA rivalry made its way outside of the Octagon. Covington and Masvidal got into an ugly fight in March. The situation inside Papi Steak was so chaotic that a police officer requested extra units to go there right away.

A new 911 audio was recently obtained by TMZ Sports. A guy portraying himself as an off-duty police officer told dispatch that Covington had told him that Masvidal “sucker punched” him after dinner at the well-known Miami restaurant. Covington’s identity was blacked in the file. In the recording, the cop can be heard instructing the dispatcher with haste.

Can we send a bunch of, or a few units… If you could just send units on a three, please.

Covington said that on March 21, Masvidal attacked him with a barrage of blows, fracturing his teeth and breaking his $90,000 Rolex. Masvidal was ultimately taken into custody after the incident and was subsequently charged with two felonies. The UFC fighter has pled not guilty to the allegations.

Days prior to the brawl in the Florida street, he had lost to Covington in a fight. Next month, he must appear in court for a new hearing on the matter. Covington, on the other hand, hasn’t spoken publicly about the incident despite claiming to have sustained a “brain injury” in the assault, according to court filings. Check out the videos below.

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