Tasha K is a problematic YouTuber who has got an ugly beef history with Cardi B. Months after Cardi B won a nearly $4 million defamation verdict against Tasha K, the YouTuber’s attorneys launched their appeal to get the ruling overturned. Now Tasha K is reportedly moving out of her Georgia home after losing the appeal.

According to Billboard, Tasha’s attorneys filed an appeal with the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit in June. The appeal claimed that Judge William Ray had erroneously disregarded Cardi B evidence, leading to New York’s legal triumph in January.

The “Rumors” singer was granted permission to have her attorneys and the sheriff’s office approve the garnishment of Tasha’s salary and personal assets in order to satisfy the judgement after the court sided with Cardi B and dismissed Tasha’s complaint as lacking jurisdiction. Tasha, whose true name is Latasha Kebe, is accused of renting out her house and moving into an apartment.

#Tashak has secretly put her home up for rent. #CardiB via Armon Wiggins show

The scandalous pop culture commentator, however, has not yet learned her lesson, as seen by her recent criticism of Australian rapper Iggy Azalea’s culinary skills. The scandalized podcaster also received a warning shot from Azalea. Check out the tweets below.

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