Spotify has undoubtedly changed the music industry, for better or worse. The company often gets into legal battles with music artists. Now, Spotify has lost the bid to dodge a copyright suit from one of their top streaming artists, Eminem.

The music giant and its CEO Daniel Ek lost a bid to skirt Eminem’s lawsuit for a second time. Eminem’s music-publishing company Eight Mile Style LLC sued Spotify back in 2019 for copyright infringement of 243 Eminem songs. The company argued that Spotify pretended to have licenses to the 243 titles.

Spotify’s CEO tried to dodge legal trouble but his efforts were of no avail. The streaming service insisted Ek had “little information to offer” about the lawsuit and accused Eminem’s publishing company Eight Mile Style of dragging him into a deposition to “harass and annoy” him. Apparently, Ek was also too busy to schedule the case into his calendar.

According to Bloomberg Law, Judge Aleta A. Trauger handed down her decision on Friday, July 15th. Trauger reaffirmed the magistrate judge’s March 31 decision. The decision ruled that Ek is relevant to the case and the case “won’t cause him unnecessary annoyance or burden.”

On the other hand, Spotify deems the disposition to be “unnecessary and unduly burdensome.” However, it looks like they still have to deal with it no matter what. As U.S. Magistrate Judge Jeffery S. Frensley ruled, Ek would simply have to find a way to address the issue at hand.

The matter is not going to be resolved in court anytime soon. We’ll update you on the lawsuit as and when it develops further. In the meantime, Keep an eye on Thirsty for more Hip-Hop news.

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