Pete Davidson recently confessed that he is looking forward to getting married and having children. Kim and Pete have left various hints of having another baby. It looks like now they planning to have one via surrogate.

According to Los Angeles family law specialist Goldie Schon, the well-known reality star may be carrying a fifth child through a surrogate with her current husband. The specialist added that Kim’s timing for a fifth child couldn’t be better because her sister Khloe is ready to give birth to a second child via surrogate. Also, Kourtney has been open about her own fertility journey with Travis Barker.

Pete did this interview and said the biggest thing he wants is to have children. His biggest joy, his dream, his goal in life is to have children. This isn’t the first time he’s said that in an interview, even though now it’s with Kim Kardashian. So now he’s with a woman who’s on the older side of life, who wasn’t going to have another child naturally anyway, but she is definitely hip to have more children and has suggested as much publicly.

Pete just went on TV and said all I want to do is be a father. And then Kim’s suggesting she’s okay to have more children. That tells me it’s already going on. They’re just setting it up. Nobody talks about it unless it’s happening.

The Kardashian sisters played a game with the reporter who asked which sibling was most likely to produce as many children as the family patriarch, Kris Jenner, during a recent Access Hollywood interview. Kim held up a paddle with her own face, while the other sisters all held up paddles with Kourtney’s face.

The legal expert also pointed out that the timing in the Kardashian family is ideal for the Hulu actress to increase her own brood from four to five, in addition to the fact that the couple has openly hinted at the possibility of having a baby at some point in the not-too-distant future. Only time will tell if this speculation turns out to be true. Stay tuned to Thirsty to get the latest updates and stories.

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