Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart are both industry veterans. While the two didn’t exactly work together on a project so far, they starred together in Netflix’s Me Time, which came out earlier this year.

Hart and Wahlberg seem to be getting along well together, seeing how they let loose while having dinner in New York City. Page Six reports that Hart and Wahlberg spent a lot of time together while hanging out at Sei Less. The joint is famous for its heavy celebrity presence.

The duo of actors apparently had an expensive dinner, for which the bill clocked in at a whopping $4,000. However, the insider also reported that they dined with about 15 to 20 people, so the bill definitely makes more sense.

Kevin Hart is worth about $450 million, while Mark Wahlberg is worth about $400 million. Despite that, “someone else in the room” shelled out the money, according to the source. While Hart had chicken satay, Wahlberg enjoyed steamed sea bass and lobster.

Mark Wahlberg is known for being a health and fitness enthusiast, spending countless hours at the gym. Even still, the star took to Instagram that he was once again at Sei Lass. He had some tequila as well, namely a new variant called Flecha Azul. Perhaps the 51-year-old is taking it easy.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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