Elon Musk has been having an extremely difficult time backing out of his Twitter deal. The $43 billion deal, which came from Musk himself, is off the table for him. He accused Twitter of not cooperating with him over demands for fake accounts and bot data for the platform.

Musk also dealt with controversy about his fathering twins with a Neuralink executive. The tough times aren’t done for him, as he’s dealing with a split with his ex Natasha Bassett.

Bassett ended things with the Tesla and SpaceX billionaire after the release of her debut film, Elvis. Hollywood Life reveals that Musk isn’t handling the broken relationship in the best way. He wants Bassett back, to the point that he’s ‘pleading‘ with the actress.

Elon was pleading with Natasha to get back together with him prior to taking off on this trip to Mykonos, but she kept shutting him down.

The source further revealed to the outlet that his Mykonos trip is another attempt at Musk trying to get her back. The billionaire was photographed shirtless with several women during his vacation time. The source added that this is exactly the kind of behavior that made Natasha leave in the first place.

Natasha and those around her believe that Elon was trying to make her jealous by being photographed with all of these gorgeous women. But this did not make Natasha jealous. This type of behavior is one of the reasons that Natasha decided to end the relationship, and all this does is reassure her that she made the right choice.

Elon Musk and Natasha Bassett’s split came directly after reports of Elon Musk’s secret arrangement with Shivon Zilis came out. How Elon Musk chooses to deal with this is completely unexpected. He might end up winning her back, or he might start dating someone new in no time.

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