Chris Pratt topped the box office twice this summer, once as the star in “Jurassic World Dominion” and once as a small supporting character in “Thor: Love and Thunder.” He also stars in the Amazon Prime Video action series “The Terminal List.” Chris Pratt recently shared a shirtless selfie on social media showing off his jacked physique.

In the image, which was labelled “Lookin cut,” the actor was wearing jeans and a pair of black shoes. It appeared to have been taken in a trailer or a hotel room. It wasn’t obvious whether the actor from the Terminal List was referring to his toned upper body or the stage makeup that was intended to resemble a slash across his chest.

A shirt was on the bed with a matching stain over the breast that he appeared to wear on set. ‘See ya at 8:00 ish (heart) Jack,’ read a yellow sticky note attached to the mirror that appeared to be from his nine-year-old son. Patrick Schwarzenegger, the Jurassic World: Dominion star’s brother-in-law, delightedly replied by adding, ‘See yah at 8 ish (laughing emojis) jackkkooo.’

The busy actor has declared that one character he won’t be attempting to play is that of Indian Jones, in the event that the franchise receives a resurrection. He already has a full schedule of action movies, including Cowboy Ninja Viking and Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3.

The Onward actor is probably spending a lot of nights awake these days. Eloise Christina Schwarzenegger, their second child, was born in May to him and his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger. Lyla, their older daughter, will turn two in one month. Check out the picture below.

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