The West Texas Warbirds destroyed the Dallas Prime at the Ector County Coliseum in Odessa on Saturday night. After the conclusion of the game, everything happened. A heated street brawl that involved players, coaches, and spectators broke out after the indoor football game was over on the field.

As soon as the final whistle rang, players started chasing each other off the field, as shown on video taken by viewers inside the arena. Others soon joined in, and as seen in the video, one coach appeared to tear off a player’s helmet before launching haymakers.

After that, both teams’ players got involved, and all hell broke loose. A supporter and a Dallas Prime player eventually got into a fight in the stands. The Dallas Prime player seemed to left hook the fan in the head. @Jakob_BburgTV tweeted the video.

SHOCKING: An ugly scene tonight as a brawl broke out between the West Texas Warbirds and the Dallas Prime at the end of their indoor football game. In this video you can see players going into the stands and fighting with fans. It is unknown if anyone was injured or arrested.

After about ten minutes of fighting, officials were able to seize control of the situation. After the altercation, thankfully, “no one sought medical treatment or went to the hospital,” Ector County Sheriff Mike Griffis told reporters.

Griffis noted that no one was taken into custody, but that might change after an inquiry. The ugly scene was video recorded from different angles. Check out the tweets to watch the wild football brawl below.

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