Drake’s “Honestly, Nevermind” was a major break from his regular style, because he released a house dance album this time. Following the release of Honestly, Nevermind, Drake’s seventh studio album, many of his fans were thrilled to learn that Black Coffee was one of the album’s executive producers. During Black Coffee’s recent DJ set in Ibiza, Drake’s polarizing new album came to life.

Black Coffee, a Grammy-winning South African DJ and producer, most recently contributed to the creation of three Honestly, Nevermind songs, including “Texts Go Green,” “Currents,” and “Overdrive.” Black Coffee and Drake previously collaborated on the More Life standout track “Get It Together” back in 2017. Black Coffee gave his Canadian collaborator some huge love at a recent DJ set in Ibiza, around a month after the album’s release.

It turns out that Drizzy was actually present and able to take it all in. According to HipHopDX, Drake arrived to Black Coffee’s performance at the H Ibiza nightclub. After spending some time in the audience, the OVO head honcho entered the stage to join the Subconsciously musician in celebrating the occasion.

Due to the sheer shock of seeing Drake at the venue, the crowd initially didn’t move at all. As the “Jimmy Cooks” rapper entered the venue, the energy seemed to have returned as the throng began to dance to Black Coffee’s “Massive.” Check out some of the videos from Black Coffee’s performance below.

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